Echler Electric


The Standby Generator Experts in Cincinnati

If losing power for several days in the worst of weather would present a problem for your home and family, then you may wish to consider a professional backup generator installation from Echler Electric.  We are already the trusted choice of homes and families across Greater Cincinnati - offering friendly advice, expert installation and satisfaction guaranteed service.

When it senses a drop in the power supply, our installations immediately kick-over to the back-up supply.  When professionally-rated to your home's power needs, you can continue as if nothing had happened.

Backup power can be particularly important if you rely on power in a range of common situations:

- DURING COLD WEATHER: Power lines brought down by ice or high winds can happen all the time.  During severe incidents whole regions can be left without power, making for a slow recovery, especially if it is not a built-up area.  Back up generators can keep the lights on, and the fridge, TV and computers running.

- ESSENTIAL BUSINESS: If you run any kind of business from your home that requires power - from computers to light agricultural and industrial equipment, then backup power may be a better insurance against losing valuable days work.

- YOU RELY ON ELECTRICAL DEVICES FOR HEALTH OR QUALITY OF LIFE: If electrical equipment is critical to your health or maintaining your quality of life, then a backup generator may have the potential to be genuinely life-saving.

- YOUNG FAMILY OR ELDERLY: If you have a very young family or are elderly and live alone, a backup generator can help protect against what can be an unpleasant experience during a prolonged power outage. 

If you are considering a backup generator in Cincinnati, then Echler Electric can help with a FREE estimate and no obligation assessments of your home's likely power needs.   And if you choose Echler Electric, your new system will be backed by a written warranty and satisfaction guaranteed service.  For all your generator needs in Cincinnati, call and speak with Echler Electric today.