Echler Electric


Data, Home Theater, Ethernet, and Telephone Wiring

For the best in home theater, electronic and computer wiring for your home in Cincinnati - speak with the experts from Echler Electric.  From building the ultimate in home entertainment and relaxation, to state-of-the-art home office set-ups, we can help with professional advice and workmanship backed by satisfaction guaranteed service.

Amongst the set-ups we can help you with:

- ULTIMATE HOME THEATER INSTALLATIONS: With hidden wires, ample power and surge protection, and sound around your room.

- LIGHTING AUTOMATION: Turn your living room into a theater with just a touch of a remote control - even during the day.

- FLAT PANEL WALL INSTALLATIONS: Hang your LCD or Plasma screen on the wall and hide the wires.

- ENTERTAINMENT THROUGHOUT THE HOME: Send cable TV and multimedia throughout the home, so you can watch and listen from room to room.

- NEW SOCKETS AND UPGRADED CAPACITY: Run you electronics safely. A full home theater set-up requires more sockets than are generally provided when houses are built.  Don't create a fire hazard by overloading extension panels from a single socket.

- ETHERNET LAN INSTALLATIONS: Create your own 100 Gigabit per second local area network with our Cat 6 installations.  Watch multimedia streamed directly off the internet on the big screen.


When it comes to the electrical installation of home theater, entertainment and computer networking in Cincinnati, you'll appreciate the friendly advice and expert service you receive from Echler Electric.  So for all your questions and electrical installation needs, call and speak with Echler Electric today.