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Electrical Rewiring Service Panel Pros

When you need help with your home's electrical service panel or wiring in Cincinnati, you can count on the helpful advice and electrical expertise you'll receive from Echler Electric.

With every passing year the electrical demand placed on residential electrical installations increases.  With bigger TV's, air conditioners, and electrical devices for every need the capacity needed to service that load increases.  In order to cope with the load, or to update an older home to a more modern set-up, it is necessary to update the home's electrics.

Ways we can help with your home's electrics include:

- CAPACITY INCREASES: To help cope with the load from new air conditioner installation or major remodel projects.

- CIRCUIT BREAKER UPGRADES: Replace your old fuse service panel.

- ARC FAULT CIRCUIT INTERRUPTERS: To help with electrical safety.

- GROUND FAULT CIRCUIT INTERRUPTERS: To reduce the risk of electrocution.

- CODE COMPLIANCE & INSURANCE COMPLIANCE: To keep your home up to date and to help with insuring your home.

- FAULT LOCATING & REPAIRS: When there is a problem with your panel.

- SURGE ARRESTERS: Which can protect your wiring and electronics.  See our surge arrester page here.

- NEW INSTALLATIONS: New service installations and overhead wires.

- SAFETY INSPECTIONS: Help with keeping your home safe and reducing the risk of electrical fires.

For all your electrical service panel and rewiring needs in Cincinnati, you can count on Echler Electric's professional workmanship and satisfaction guaranteed service.  Call us today.'