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Home Electrical Safety in Cincinnati

With an ever-increasing reliance on electrical devices in the home, it's easy to overlook the dangers that unsafe or overloaded electrical circuits can pose, including fire and electrocution.  Homes and families across Cincinnati can count on the help and advice of Echler Electric to secure their electrical safety.  Discover the ways in which we can help improve the safety of your family:

- ELECTRICAL SAFETY CHECKS: We can perform a thorough inspection of your home's electrical safety, particularly important if you live in a home with older wiring or an older-style fuse box

- STORM PROTECTION: If your home has been hit by storm damage then we can check that your electrics are safe.  Do not go near fallen power lines under any circumstances.

- CAPACITY: We can help upgrade the electrical capacity of your home, especially if you have recently added an air conditioner or heat pump.  Overloading the capacity of your system can create a fire risk.

- OUTLETS WHERE YOU NEED THEM: Most homes don't have enough outlets where you need them.  Overloading sockets can also create a fire hazard.

- OUTDOOR SAFETY: Wherever water and electricity can mix can be an electrocution risk, so ensure that all outdoor lighting, sockets and electrical hook-ups are performed by professional licensed electricians.

- GROUND FAULT CIRCUIT INTERRUPTERS: These can help prevent serious injury from electrocution.  They're especially important if you use electrical tools for gardening.  The system measures the flow of current, if the current coming back isn't the same as the current going out then it cuts the power - the reasoning being that it is being grounded somewhere along the system.  If the thing grounding the power is you, it might save your life.

- ARC FAULT CIRCUIT INTERRUPTERS: These help protect against fire in a circuit by detecting one of the leading sources of home fires - the arc fault.  These faults, often caused by defective wiring or overloaded circuits, can create a large amount of heat which can ultimately create combustion.  An AFCI installation can cut the power to the circuit when it detects a problem.

- SMOKE & CARBON MONOXIDE DETECTORS: Echler Electric can hard wire smoke and carbon monoxide detectors that don't depend on you remembering to replace the batteries.  Every year approximately 4000 Americans are killed in house fires, and approximately 200 are killed by carbon monoxide poisoning.  Many, many more are seriously injured.  Simple detectors can help protect your home and your family.

For all your electrical safety needs in Greater Cincinnati and surrounding areas, call and speak with the experts from Echler Electric today.  Or if you have already scheduled an electrical service, ask about having an electrical safety inspection of your home performed by your electrician at the same time.  As with all of our service, you can be sure of on-time arrival, courteous and friendly advice, and professional workmanship backed by a written guarantee.  Call Echler Electric today.