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Lighting for every mood, safety features and improved energy efficiency - with an automated lighting system you can control your home's lighting like never before.  Echler Electric Service is experienced in providing lighting automation to home's and businesses across Greater Cincinnati - and is a certified installer of Lutron lighting solutions.

Consider what automated lighting can do for you and your family:

MORE VERSATILE: With preset and centralized lighting control you can set the lighting levels for every situation, from soft lighting in the morning, to welcome settings for having guests, to late night reading or watching a movie.  The entire home is at your fingertips.  It also means you can turn on all the lights you want when you return home, or turn them all off when you retire to bed or leave for work.  They can even be set to turn off on a delay, giving you time to head upstairs or out the door.  See an interactive demonstration on this page here. (Opens in a new window - press the 'Begin' button once loaded).

REMOTE CONTROL: Imagine being able to turn on your home's exterior and interior lights from your car as you arrive home!  It's a more welcoming return, and safer too on dark nights.  No more fumbling around in the dark for keys, or having to hope there isn't ice underfoot.  Within the home it can be relaxing too - you can turn your lights down to 'home theater' with a remote just as you use the remote on your TV.  Or you can turn the upstairs or outside lights off without having to run around the house.  Turning the lights out at night or heading to the bathroom in the morning becomes as easy as picking up the remote control.  You can view brochures on our remote control systems here and here (pdfs - open in a new window).

AUTOMATED LIGHTING: With other settings and installations your lighting can also be automated.  If you tend to rise or return home according to a regular routine, the lights can be set to accommodate this.  Likewise your lighting can be set to an astronomical clock which knows the precise sunrise and sunset times throughout the year.  Your outdoor lighting can come on exactly when it is needed.  Automated lighting can also be a useful security feature if you are often away from home, the lights can come on and off according to a regular routine.

SENSORS: With occupancy sensors, your lighting can be set to turn on when you enter a room, and after a delay, turn off when you leave.  It can be an excellent way to save energy costs on your lighting, and set the lighting automatically to your needs.  With daylight sensors, dimming in a room can be set in accordance with the levels of ambient light - giving you a consistent light level for all needs.  All sensors can, of course, be overridden too. 

CONTROLS, SWITCHES AND DIMMERS: These automated lighting systems all come with a huge choice of state-of-the-art controls, switches and dimmers to suit any design style and put complete control at your fingertips.  They can even help you save energy costs.  See an online demonstration of the controls on this page here, or an example of the energy savings on this page here.  (Links open in a new window).

NETWORKED LIGHTING: Your lighting system can even be connected so that you can access it through a web browser, iPhone or even an iPod - leaving you in complete control of your home's lighting at any time.  If you're bringing home guests, you can turn on the lights accordingly for a true welcome; or after a long day at work you may appreciate returning home to something more soothing.

Why Echler Electric Service?  In Greater Cincinnati, we are the Lutron lighting automation experts.  We are experienced, Lutron certified, fully licensed and you can be sure of satisfaction guaranteed service.  Indeed if you are interested in a lighting automation solution for your home or business we can come out and give you a FREE no obligation quote, give friendly advice, and show you some of the various options available.

For all your lighting automation needs in Greater Cincinnati, call and speak with Echler Electric today.